Tepper Alumni Philanthropy (TAP) Volunteers

Serve the Tepper School as key liaisons to the alumni community to promote alumni giving participation

Tepper Alumni Philanthropy (TAP) volunteers will serve the Tepper School of Business in a formal capacity through peer-to-peer outreach. As TAP volunteers, alumni will engage with and solicit fellow alumni for annual gifts to the School. TAP volunteers are representatives of their classes, their chapters or their companies, serving as liaisons to the school. Currently, the Tepper School is looking to increase alumni participation from 23% to 30% in the next three years. We know we can accomplish this goal with the help of alumni like you, and we rely on the networks of our close-knit alumni community to expand our reach and inspire even broader support. The most successful giving and participation campaigns are those in which alumni give their time and financial resources to the school and ask those in their spheres of influence to do the same.


  • Volunteers choose the fellow alumni they are most comfortable reaching out to, ensuring their contact is most impactful
  • Volunteers are provided with the resources that will enable their success from suggested talking points to valuable data points
  • Volunteers will be communicated with throughout the year but are only expected to complete targeted outreach during 1-2 key times throughout the year, ensuring the responsibility is manageable while the impact is great


Contact: Jessica Walker, jwalker1@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-6934 for additional questions.